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I believe I am anxious. This is a surprising emotion. You'd think I'd be used to it, having been a freelance comic book guy for close to 40 years now, but usually?  Not so much.

Tomorrow is our self proclaimed 'Girl Genius Day'. (It is also Kaja's birthday, and while I usually stress out over that, this year I actually got her a nice present, on time and everything).

No, January 12th is the day when we've told people to go out and Buy The New Girl Genius Novel! In an attempt to make a bit of a splash in the jaded, cynical world of prose publishing.

Originally, we had been told that the book would be released on January 5th. Okay, we'd ask people to wait a week, but that would just guarantee that the book would have time to be delivered to wholesalers, who would get it to the shops. Well oh hey, guess what?  It was actually released with absolutely no fanfare in late December. This was when we learned that hard and fast book release dates are only for books in the Harry Potter league. We are nowhere near this, obviously, and thus the operating procedure is to ship stuff out before the ink is dry and start selling. Okay, fine, but If you go to the Night Shade Books site, they show that the book is Sold Out.


Well a quick e-mail to said publisher and the panic has abated a bit. Everybody thinks this book is going to do well, so everybody "ordered heavy", so they'll have a lot of books ready to meet demand. Great. Now there's performance anxiety. And the publisher is still sold out, but they fully expect that they will have to reprint. The question is when. Thus they are now waiting to see how quickly the shops and wholesalers "sell through' on the books they have in stock.

Okay, okay. So the book's been out for a while now, and we don't know how it'll do, because we, by our own actions, have artificially repressed sales. Or Have we? Maybe January 12th will speed past and there won't be a sales bump at all. See? There's all sorts of ways I can drive myself crazy. We are not used to this. Up until now, we were the publisher. We dealt with the distributor, and had a direct line as to how our books were selling before it even came out. Hells Belles, we won't even put it up on the Studio Foglio web store until January 13.

Luckily, we are doing signings for the rest of the week, and thus there will be something for me to do besides fret and constantly hit 'refresh' on the Amazon author tracking site. Hopefully we'll see you there.
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