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Phil Foglio

It Snew!

I know 9/10ths of the country is going to hate me now, but we actually got a dusting of snow this weekend! The Experiments were pretty darn happy about it, and we were able to engage in our favorite winter sport, which is hauling the cats outside and watching them rediscover the physics of snow. Fun, AND educational.

We are in the process of figuring out what conventions we’ll be attending in 2015. I just sent in my dealer’s room application for SasQuan ( which is the World Science Fiction Convention. It’ll be held in Spokane , WA, August 19-23, which is a hidden jewel of a city. Today (12/1) is the last day of their “Black Friday” Membership sale, where you can get an attending membership for only $170. You actually come out ahead if you factor in the shelf-price of all the free reading material they send you in the annual Hugo-Voter packet, so we recommend that you sign up, and hopefully, we will see you there.

Found a weird thing on the web; It’s a you tube channel where the guy running it, the mysterious ‘crysknife007’, posts ambient background noise from various starships. Long ones. The one from Star Trek TNG runs nonstop for 24 hours ( “Absurd!” I hear you cry, which is what I thought and continue to think, even though it’s been running in the background here for the last 4 hours. I was unaware that this was an actual need that I had, but the evidence suggests otherwise.
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