Phil Foglio (philfoglio) wrote,
Phil Foglio

It is That Time Of Year Again. Kickstarter Time!

People have been asking what we've been doing lately (as if putting the comic out 3 times a week, keeping the house clean, going to three conventions in the last two weeks, and fighting off the octo-moles from beneath Seattle is not enough). Well, that's a fair question. We have been crafting our newest Kickstarter! And it lauched today! ( TRY TO CONTAIN YOUR EXCITEMENT! (Do not, however, contain it sufficently that you are loath to click over to the campaign)

We're in the process of producing the latest Girl Genius collection, and we'rer actually pretty pleased with it, as it introduces the Corbettites, our monastic order that spreads the gospel by building railroads, explains why you don't want to impede the normal flow of time, and finally grants Krosp some worthy subjects.

Check it out.
Tags: girl genius, kickstarter, studio foglio, the beast of the rails
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