Phil Foglio (philfoglio) wrote,
Phil Foglio

Dodged A Bullet!

Our Kickstarter for the new Girl Genius collection is off to a fine start! ( And while we did not fully fund in the first seventeen minutes (unlike some other admittedly excellent webcomic I could name []), we have every confidence that we will fund eventually, and then we can go have a quiet lie-down with a cold cloth over our eyes already.

Kaja has me working away at art for assorted goodies and extras, and I have the horrifying notion that she wants me to get an extra new thing done every day. This can only mean that I will be getting less time to putter about in the garden. Since it’s raining at the moment, I’m not too upset about this. It’s interesting. I’ve been living here in Seattle since 1990, and we have had more thunder storms this spring, than I’ve seen in the lastr ten years. Now I think this is cool. The two things I miss from living in the Midwest are thunderstorms, and lightning bugs. It’s too wet to get the latter out here, but I’m thinking I’ll go put some lightning rods on the house.

A few of our readers have noticed that we are not, in fact, nominated for a Hugo Award™ this year. To this we say, “Yahoo!” if there was ever a year to NOT be on the ballot, then this is that year. For those readers who are unaware of the mishegas going on with these awards, than count your blessings. I will merely agree with our friend Jeff Vogel ( who said, “It’s so refreshing that, for at least one week, the media outlets of the world have another geek subculture to hold up to public shame, so that video games can catch their breath.”
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Congratulations at dodging a toxic rocket lobbed in your direction!
Just so long as you don't buy those lightning rods from a strange lightning rod salesman who claims that a storm is coming your way.